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Learning, sharing and networking

At Mannaz, we’ve learned to pay close attention to our clients’ greatest needs, biggest challenges and growing concerns. As a result, we are constantly focused on keeping you up to date on the newest insights and trends.

Our events are inspirational updates and talks from expert speakers both within and outside our organization. You will learn about latest trends, current issues and future challenges within leadership development. Moreover, you will meet and be able to network with other leaders focused on developing and changing both themselves and their organisations.

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Future events

The Evolution of Corporate Learning

1 December 2017, Hong Kong

The corporate learning market has been through wrenching change over the last decade, from long classroom sessions, to self-paced e-learning, mobile apps, and more recently fully digital learning. As if that wasn’t enough AI has entered the market!

The future of work is here. How well is your learning organization dealing with it?

Keep Calm and Lead On: Piloting Global Organisations in an era of Disruption, Discord, and Dissonance

6 december 2017, London

Join David Everhart, the SVP of Mannaz’s International business for a session where he defines the changing challenges facing global leaders and what to do about them.



Mannaz Masterclasses

2018, London

Join Mannaz for a series of Masterclasses on leadership topics that are based on research and increasingly relevant for global organisations. These intense deep dive sessions are designed to explore these topics in a practical way within the context of your business.

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