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Youth Advisory Board: Valdemar Satoshi Røjle Christensen

Monday, October 23, 2017

Meet Valdemar . He is a member of Mannaz Youth Advisory Board. The Youth Advisory Board consists of seven talented students. They are the next generation to enter the workforce. We have invited them inside to get their perspectives on the services that are being developed in Mannaz as well as concepts Mannaz should look into.


Valdemar Satoshi Røjle Christensen




University of Copenhagen

Field of study


Three words that describe you:

  1. Ambitious
  2. Pragmatic
  3. Optimistic

What motivates you?

Learning new things, intercultural experiences and coming up with creative and innovative ideas to improve something that come to fruition motivates me. Meeting set targets within deadlines with visible results moreover motivates me, as it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Lastly, fighting for the underdogs motivates me.

What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board?

I expect to be challenged and grow as a result of being part of the Youth Advisory Board. Moreover, I hope to network with the other board members as well as to gain experience and practical insights into the world of consulting, boards and businesses. I hope to grapple with tough questions and achieve my highest potential by working on challenges that matter on leadership and organisational development with a diverse team of engaged and ambitious students.

What would you like to contribute to by being part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board?

I want to be part of pioneering innovations in the company’s work, business models, and functions of management. I want to contribute with my drive, motivation, creativity and my experience, which differs from other board members, working with social innovation and design thinking in intergovernmental organisations.

What would you describe as your biggest learning experience?

Even though I grew up speaking Japanese with my mother, I had never lived, studied or worked in Japan until I went there on an exchange semester studying at a university and working part time for a Japanese company with a lot of responsibility and demanding tasks. This experience, especially working in a completely different work culture, broadened my mind, boosted life skills, opened up a whole new way of perceiving obstacles and made me accustomed to working individually in demanding contexts with strict deadlines.

What change would you like to see in companies and organisations?

Companies and organisations need to accelerate progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by developing inclusive business models that engage people at the base of the economic pyramid. They need to move away from business as usual and respond with agile, flexible and innovative solutions that follow a system-wide approach to innovation rather than simply innovation in a product.

In addition to this, design thinking should be at the core of companies’ business strategy development. Lastly, they need to recognise that youth are the agents of change and therefore need to be empowered and included for bringing about positive change.

When your time is not occupied with studying, work and the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board – how do you like to spend your time?

I am training to run a marathon in 2018 so I love to run while listening to podcasts on international politics. I love playing and watching soccer from the Spanish league – not the Premier League. Having grown up in a musical family, I also play saxophone in a band. I love travelling. My next trip is to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2018. Moreover, I cook a mean, authentic duck confit and can select a wine that pairs well with it. Lastly, I am a coffee enthusiast that can make a perfect latte art tulip in your coffee.


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