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Youth Advisory Board: Meet Anne Katrine Buch Vedstesen

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Meet Anne Katrine. She is a member of Mannaz Youth Advisory Board. The Youth Advisory Board consists of seven talented students. They are the next generation to enter the workforce. We have invited them inside to get their perspectives on the services that are being developed in Mannaz.


Anne Katrine Buch Vedstesen




Copenhagen Business School

Field of Study

MSc. Business Administration & Philosophy

Three words that describe you:

  1. Creative
  2. Curious
  3. Committed

What motivates you?

I am both personally and professionally interested in the technological, political and economical developments conditioning the challenges and opportunities of contemporary organisations and society as such. Foremost, I am motivated by people; I strive to surround myself with passionate creatures from whom I find inspiration and gain knowledge, which challenge and develop my view and understanding of the world.

What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board?

Sharing this experience with passionate peers and colleagues from Mannaz, I am confident that I will gain valuable insight of – and experience with – current and future trends conditioning organisational and societal development. Hence, I hope to expand my knowledge, understanding and competencies with the aim of qualifying myself as a leader – today and tomorrow.

What would you like to contribute to by being part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board?

By being a part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board, I hope to inspire, provoke and cultivate the way we think of, speak of and practice leadership and organisational development. Believing that the current technological progress leaves an immense potential for rethinking concepts such as ‘work’, ‘leadership’, ‘responsibility’, ‘team’, ‘value’, ‘product’ and many more, I hope to lay the foundation for managers to utilise this potential to create positive impact for their employees, customers and society as such.

What would you describe as your biggest learning experience?

Through travelling and living-abroad experiences I have learned that there is more to the world than meets the eye.

What change would you like to see in companies and organisations?

The world is complex – and so are people, employees, customers, organisations and managers. Being sensitive to the nuances, paradoxes and non-categorisable is a change in mind-set that I would like to see in general, including in organisations and organisational behaviour.


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