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The Enlightened Organisation

Friday, January 3, 2014 - Catherine Berney

Catherine Berney is excited to have her first book published in May 2014. the-enlightened-organisation-catherine-berneyPassionate about building and maintaining awareness, insight and capability, Catherine works systemically to improve leadership performance, interpersonal effectiveness and collaboration and her book, the Enlightened Organization, is due to be released in 2014:

‘My purpose in writing the book was to bridge the gap between management literature and more accessible books on personal development, mindfulness and awareness. I wanted to create a tool book that any thinking person working in an organisation could use to help them connect more meaningfully with their purpose and role. I was hoping that they might find this on the coffee table or as they browsed in a book shop rather than some academic library.´

The premise is that if complexity is a given, change a constant and existential reality is that all we have is the present then how do we each of us wake up to that new reality within our organisational roles. The book was conceived as an offering of practical tools and techniques that could help to address that challenge. It addresses the personal and interpersonal as well as the system and context and ends with some reflection on governance and the responsibility that those leading organisations have for directing sustainable longer term performance.

I found the process of writing the book very interesting in that it enabled me to find my own voice amongst the multitude of models and theories on the market and to demonstrate and share my own thinking in the field’, says Catherine Berney.

The book is being published by Kogan Page with a foreword by Andrew Kakabadse and due for release in May 2014. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

About the Book

This book, presenting psychological models as well as tools and techniques in a practical and accessible way, aims to enable leaders and executives to see more clearly in the changing commercial landscape in which they operate. Grounding each model within a Two Pronged approach, which covers both the personal and interpersonal alongside the system and context, it offers directions for developing fundamental areas of insight, skill and expertise.

Threaded with recent international case studies, which highlight the new skills and competencies required by leaders and executives at work, it provides a framework for navigating the new interconnected landscape in which we all increasingly operate. Thus, the reader is enabled to become the best that they can be, thereby creating a more successful organization. 

About the Author

Catherine Berney, BCL Solicitor Mediator MSc. Organisational Psychology Visiting Fellow Cranfield School of Management and Member of the British Psychological Society. Catherine started out in life as a commercial lawyer and her first degree was in law before subsequently qualifying as a solicitor in Ireland and the UK. It was her fascination with what distinguished her more successful clients that led to her subsequently qualifying as an organizational psychologist. Catherine has over 20 years’ experience facilitating the learning and development of organizations, individuals and groups across all business sectors as well as internationally. Passionate about building and maintaining awareness, insight and capability, she works systemically to improve performance, interpersonal effectiveness and collaboration. Catherine lives in London with her husband and two children.