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The 5 most important management skills in 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It affects employees and the possibility to create growth when managers put too much focus on the bottom line, says Mannaz’s management expert.

"For many years now we have been focusing on returns and survival, so how do managers make other employees ready for growth?" asks Lars Hansen, Programme Director in Mannaz, in an article in Berlingske Business on Wednesday, 14 January 2015.

In the article, Hansen bears down on the idea that Danish managers overlook their employees and instead have their sights firmly set on overall earnings, and he therefore sets forth the five most important management skills that are ultimately critical to creating growth in 2015.

The five most important management skills are:

  • Being able to formulate an overall mission statement for the company (a "WHY?") and its values. We live in a world of high-paid "volunteers" and demanding customers who need to be able to see a higher sense of purpose in the business and its products.

  • Being able to set goals and direction. What is our aim? What are we trying to achieve? Being able to create a sense of belonging through trust. People follow you as the leader because they want to, not because they have to. Managers today play the roles of coach- and facilitator much more than in the past.

  • Being able to let go and delegate. Keep it simple. Stop focusing on an unmanageable number of initiatives. It's about prioritising the important ones.

  • Being able to attract the right competence. Experience in communication, coaching and strategies is an increasingly determining factor for the manager when selecting the right employees.


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About Lars Hansen

Lars Hansen is Programme Director in Mannaz. He has a background in the financial sector, where he for 17 years has been in various leadership roles, including Call Center Manager, Sales Manager, Customer Service Manager and Area Manager responsible for Business- and private sales, telemarketers and leader of leaders.