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Our People: Morten Tamstorf

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Learn more about Morten Tamstorf, SVP, Consulting Denmark in Mannaz.



I have extensive experience within the fields of strategy, leadership and organisational development. I have worked with leaders and leadership teams on all organisational levels and in many of Denmark’s largest companies in both the private and public sector.


What do you do in Mannaz?

I lead our business development activities on the Danish market, which includes dialogue with clients, sales leadership of our consultants and occasionally some consultancy work.


What motivates you?

I’m motivated by working together with my skilled colleagues to help organisations and leaders achieve their full potential.


What is your greatest accomplishment?

Difficult question… One example could be the several times we have assisted public organisations in developing and successfully implementing a new strategy through high quality leadership and thereby improving public welfare.


What mistake have you learned the most from?

Easy question… The several times we or the client have pushed too hard – just to see people lose their faith in the strategy, the change, the leader, etc.