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Our People: Kasper Arentoft

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Learn more about Kasper Arentoft, Market Director and Key Account Manager in Mannaz.



I have been working with leadership, organisational development and personal growth for close to 20 years now – as an entrepreneur, team leader/head of studies at the Kaospilot University and as a senior consultant.

I consider myself an extrovert, curious, a networker and a good communicator - who sometimes talks too much! My passion is to work with people. To engage, enable and facilitate individuals, groups and organisations to perform to the best of their abilities.

I am a team player and I truly enjoy the possibilities in inspiring others and being inspired – both in my work and in my spare time where I like to travel, play music and sing, and cook in the kitchen.


What do you do in Mannaz?

I am Market Director for Mannaz Sweden – as well as Key Account Manager for one of our biggest clients within the high-tech industry - with a focus on leadership, talent and organisational development initiatives worldwide.


What motivates you?

No doubt that it is cooperating and engaging with people that motivates me and drives my work. Both internally with my colleagues at Mannaz and externally with our clients, or partners as I like to call them, when we develop and challenge each other.


What is your greatest accomplishment?

I think one of the “professional accomplishments” I am truly proud of is our cooperation and partnership with the aforementioned high-tech company – where we have moved from being a “single-task provider” into establishing a very close partnership. A partnership that has been developed and maintained over time (almost 17 years) that builds on trust, personal relations and honesty – which now allows us to challenge the status-quo and internal culture within the company (the ”how we do things”) as well as opening for a mutual and ongoing curiosity to “what we can do next” on both sides.

Our task was, and is, to raise awareness of and develop leadership competences within the company on all levels. And to ensure cost-effective programs that match the culture, the terminology and the needs of the company. We have done that by establishing a full-service in-house academy for leadership development. The academy features open programmes, individual coaching as well as customised programmes that are created to handle specific organisational challenges or changes. So far, we have had 2800+ leaders engaged in leadership training and activities within organisational development – and we still have lots of ideas!


What mistake have you learned the most from?

“Assumption is the mother of all evil”. Never assume anything! Ask questions, engage and put yourself into the mind-set of the people in front of you. This is something I constantly communicate and teach in my work. And when I occasionally forget to practice it myself… I realise how important it is!