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Our People: Henrik Bjerregaard Nielsen

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Learn more about Henrik Bjerregaard Nielsen, Client Director in Mannaz.


I have worked with projects and project management for 25 years, in different industries. I have thereby acquired much practical experience in the opportunities - and pitfalls – that project work entails.


What do you do in Mannaz?

I'm a consultant in project management, programme management and portfolio management and assists a range of organisations achieve a higher level of maturity in these areas. I'm also one of Mannaz’ instructors on open enrollment courses in Danish and English as well as international assignments.


What motivates you?

Making a difference for sure. To see course attendees reflect on course subject matters and interact with peers in using the tools, tips and tricks we discuss.


What is your greatest accomplishment?

That is a good question. But I have had a couple of projects where success was threatened throughout, lots of ambiguity present, stakeholders were many and with shifting priorities and resources few and scarce. One such project was a change project disguised as an IT project in a shipping company where the project team managed the project goals set up on time, on budget on a global scale, despite all of above challenges present.


What mistakes have you learned the most from?

Another good question. Thinking back to circa 1998 I was in charge of developing a new packaging design for a large industrial company that had developed a new range of products to substitute the old, very successful range. I believe I made the mistake of focusing too much on specifications, the “hard facts” of the deliverables instead of spending time with the 100’s of stakeholders to the project. Everyone seemed to have an opinion! Being an engineer originally it is not unexpected to prioritise this way, but in this case it made the project drag out for very long, made it costly and in the end, made us all realise how important (frequent) stakeholder engagement really is to project success. If you immediately zoom in on the details – there is a distinct risk that you miss “the bigger picture”.


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