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Our People: Berit Kristine Bøggild

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Learn more about Berit Kristine Bøggild, Client Director in Mannaz.



I have a business school background and I specialise in designing and facilitating innovation, organisational change and leadership development processes. I design processes that involve key people collaborating across hierarchical levels, functions, regions – and sometimes sectors – to create results.

I enjoy working in different countries and contexts, from Sweden to Switzerland, from the US to the UK and from Turkey to Thailand.


What do you do in Mannaz?

As Client Director, I work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop solutions accordingly. I design and facilitate leadership development and organisational change. And coach leaders and specialists in a way that supports them in developing and creating impact. I also contribute to our development of new business initiatives and services.


What motivates you?

I am curious and ambitious, motivated by creating solutions that are bigger than what I can develop by myself. I enjoy collaborating and I thrive with assignments where the solutions are unknown from the start – where we have a high-level idea but must dig deeper into the client’s needs and context by developing several possible approaches before the right solution becomes crystalised.


What is your greatest accomplishment?

I am a bit humble when it comes to judging my own accomplishments. One of the pieces of work I am very proud of is a client collaboration where the client wanted to involve all areas and employees of the company to create both a deeper understanding of their brand and innovative solutions for how to live the brand.

I led the successful design of a process tool that was robust and inspiring enough to carry the same brand out to over 17,000 leaders and employees globally, while at the same time being flexible enough for all the leaders to see this as a helpful tool in their area of the business and champion the local rollout.


What mistakes have you learned the most from?

Early in my carrier, I was working for a very inspiring, ambitious and visionary director. He was responsible for a prestigious strategic project and as we progressed, he became anxious about turning the initial success into a failure. He started to micro manage our work. The culture turned from people going all in, and putting their heart and soul into the work, to a lack of creativity and energy, and people protecting themselves and their work. I ended up leaving to regain the passion for my work. It was there that I realised the importance and impact of leadership and my own personal boundaries for what type of leadership culture I want be a part of.


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