Mannaz acquires Danish consultancy company

11. August 2017 - Share this page

As of 22 February 2016, Mannaz acquires the Danish consultancy company Conmoto, which specialises in leadership and organisational development. The acquisition goes hand in hand with the ambitions to double sales in Denmark over a three year period to be in a position to realise the ambitious, global growth plans.

Conmoto has through the past 17 years worked with organisations and companies to improve results, and now, Comoto’s 11 consultants will become part of Mannaz.

Initially, the acquisition of Conmoto will bolster Mannaz’ position significantly in the vital Danish market. “Conmoto is the ideal partner for Mannaz. The company has established a strong position in strategy, organisation and development in the Danish market based on professional expertise, a vast network and long-running customer relations in both the public and private sector. Combined with Mannaz’ strong global profile, this will give us a unique position in the Danish market,” says Peter Følbæk Nielsen, acting CEO at Mannaz.

For Conmoto, the deal means that the company will join a greater setup and gain access to testing its managing concepts in global companies, which is something CEO Morten Tamstorf has high hopes for. “We wanted to join a greater setup and consider Mannaz the ideal match. Their way of doing business matches ours excellently, and I see great prospects of incorporating Conmoto’s specialist competences in Mannaz and testing them in a global environment. We look forward to joining a great growth adventure,” says Morten Tamstorf.

The acquisition of Conmoto means that half of the employees in Conmoto will move into Mannaz head office in Hørsholm, Conomoto office in Aarhus, where the rest of the employees are affiliated, will become Mannaz new location in Jytland. In total, the company will have 83 employees and some 400 associated consultants worldwide.