PRINCE2® Practitioner or Re-registration

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Become a strong future project manager

With PRINCE2® Practitioner, you will build on your project management training in PRINCE2® Foundation. As a project manager, you will be certified as a “Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner” once you have passed the exam. In addition to preparing you for the PRINCE2® exam, the course will expand your project management skills and we will review the theory through various learning methods.

You will practise using the method and answering exam questions – both individually and in groups. If you wish to fully utilise the PRINCE2® method, this course is for you. 


Who takes part?

Project managers of projects conducted according to the PRINCE2® method, or project managers who collaborate closely with clients or suppliers who use the method. You must have solid knowledge of the PRINCE2® method and either have passed the Foundation exam or be IPMA® A-, B-, C- or D-certified or PMI® PMP- or CAPM-certified.

The course is aimed at individuals who wish to be examined as a “Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner” to enable them to fully apply the method, or individuals who passed the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam more than 3 years ago and now wish to recapitulate their learning and re-register.

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3 days
9.900 kr
ex. VAT
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On the course you will work on:

  • A brief recap of the processes and components of PRINCE2® Training
  • Risk management
  • Change management Configuration management
  • The method in different project scenarios
  • Product-based planning Quality
  • Tips and advice for the exam


Benefits of the PRINCE2® method

2,400 individuals who had taken the PRINCE2® Practitioner examination was asked about the benefits of the PRINCE2® method:

  • 86% believe that the PRINCE2® method has helped them in their current role
  • 87% believe that PRINCE2® has been of relevance and has made a difference in their career
  • 74% can see the value in combining PRINCE2® with agile methods



Benefits for you

  • Training in practical use of the PRINCE2® method
  • Training and receiving feedback on Practitioner exam questions
  • The PRINCE2® Practitioner exam or re-registration exam

Benefits for your company

  • A project manager with examined competences in PRINCE2® Practitioner
  • Projects based on the PRINCE2® method
  • Flawless projects that increase business success

Contact me for advice

You are always welcome to contact me for advice on which course or programme will suit your needs the best.

René Fabricius Weichel +45 4517 6140

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Time & Place
Duration 3 days
Price 9.900 kr ex. VAT

The price includes

Before the course

  • Invitation to a free two-hour meeting in Good Learning (in danish)
  • Preparation (re-read the PRINCE2® manual, so that you are up to date on the theory)

During the course

  • Two days of facilitation and half a day for examination (ends around 12 p.m.)
  • One facilitator
  • Log for your personal notes
  • All meals
  • Course material Exercises
  • Practitioner exam or re-registration exam
  • Access to MyProject (in danish) – the Project Manager’s virtual toolbox

After the course

  • Course certificate
  • Certificate (upon passing the exam)
  • Access to MyProject (in danish) – the Project Manager’s virtual toolbox


Practical learning method

This course is a 2½-day course that requires preparation before the course begins and 2–3 hours of homework in the evenings during the course.

On the first two days of the course, we will review the required theory and you will practise answering exam questions individually and in groups.

On the last day of the course, you will sit the practitioner exam.

We will use various exciting learning methods on the course to ensure variation and optimum learning. As a crucial part of preparing to pass the exam, you will be given individual assignments, which you are to complete in the evenings during the course.

Mannaz is an accredited PRINCE2® training organisation approved by AXELOS, who administer PRINCE2®. All material is also accredited by AXELOS. The course and the exam will be conducted in Danish.



As part of the course, you are expected to prepare in the form of test exams and problem-solving. Furthermore, you must set aside time to re-read all or parts of the PRINCE2® manual, so that you are 100% up to date on the theory. It is important that you prepare before the start of the course to benefit as much as possible from the course and to be as well prepared for the exam as possible.

If you have not passed the Foundation exam, but are certified at IPMA® A-, B-, C- or D-level or PMI® PMP- or CAPM-level, you are required to fully master the PRINCE2® theory’s principles and processes in order to participate.



On the last day of the course, you will sit the practitioner exam.

The exam is 2½ hours long and consists of eight main questions worth up to 10 points.

You can get a maximum of 80 points in total, and you must get at least 44 points (55%) in order to pass.

Aids permitted: the PRINCE2® manual.

The wording and content of the exam tasks are formulated by AXELOS, who administer PRINCE2®.

If you pass the exam, you will receive an electronic PRINCE2® Practitioner certificate.

At the same time, your result will be posted on APM Group’s official list of successful PRINCE2® candidates.

Read more about the exam (in danish)


Re-registration exam

This exam is one hour long and consists of three main questions, each of which has ten sub-questions that are each worth one point. You can achieve a total of 30 points and you must get a minimum of 17 points (55%) in order to pass.

Aids permitted: the PRINCE2® manual



One of our experienced and competent PRINCE2® facilitators, who, through great presentation, variation and commitment, manages to make the subject interesting, vivid and relevant.

All facilitators are accredited by AXELOS.

Get a quote for a course to be conducted in your company

If several employees from your company wish to participate in the same course, you can choose a course from our broad programme and save money when the course is conducted internally in your company.

Contact Mariann Illum Vendler, or tel. +45 4517 6189.

Read more (in danish)

Are you PMI-certified?

This course gives you PDU points so that you can retain your PMI® certification.

PMI®, PMP®, and PMBOK® are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

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