PMI® High-Speed Project Management Training

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Become a project manager at top international level

With PMI® Project Management Training, you continue to build on your experience as a project manager. You will expand your repertoire with methods and techniques that will take you to top international level.

Mannaz’ PMI® High-Speed Project Management Training provides you with a deep insight into and knowledge of the PMI® terminology and demonstrates how to apply the method in practice.

The training is based on internationally recognised standards and helps you prepare to take a certified examination as a PMP® (Project Management Professional) at the Project Management Institute (PMI®).


Who can participate?

Project managers with at least 2.5 years of project management experience.

Next available date: Available seats
10. oct - 7. nov 2019
4 days | 2 modules
Mannaz, Hørsholm
27.900 kr
ex. VAT
4 days  |  27.900 kr

Comprehensive international project management training

Mannaz’ PMI® High-Speed Project Management Training originates in the corporate world’s desire for competent, efficient execution of projects in an international environment. The training is high speed, at a high professional level and enables you to complete complex projects at an international level. This requires a minimum level of 2.5 years’ experience and your full attention and willingness to complete the training.

The training situates project management as a career path in your organisation at the same level as line management. When you complete the programme, you will receive a Mannaz training certificate that documents your skills and gives your company a seal of approval that signals professional project work.

The training helps you qualify for the PMP® examination.


During the training you will be working with:

  • The PMI® theory (PMBOK®), which is recognised as a reference for good project management by the organisations PMI® and IPMA
  • “The PMI® Project Management Model”, which is described in “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), 6. Edition”. Among other things, we will touch on the five process groups, the ten knowledge areas and the 47 processes
  • The PMI® method and its tools, which form the basis for conducting big and small projects across the world – from developing new fighter jets to building single-family houses and installing servers



Your benefits

  • Project management skills at an international level
  • Qualification for the PMP®-certified examination through PMI®, with which you can achieve the protected and recognised PMP® title
  • Strong network of experienced project managers

Benefits for your company

  • A project manager who is able to complete complex projects in an international environment
  • A project manager who has received theoretical and practical training in working with an internationally recognised standard
  • An internationally recognised stamp of approval when the project manager has taken his or her PMP® exam

Contact me for advice

You are always welcome to contact me for advice on which course or programme will suit your needs the best.

René Fabricius Weichel +45 4517 6140

Contact me
Time & Place
Duration 4 days
Price 27.900 kr ex. VAT
date 10. oct - 7. nov 2019
Module 2 Modules
Accommodation No
Availability Available seats
Price 27.900 kr ex. VAT

The price includes:

Before the course

  • Material, which is sent out approximately four weeks
  • Book: “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), 6. Edition”
  • Book: “PMP® Exam Prep, 9. Edition Study Guide” by Rita Mulcahy

During the course

  • Four days of facilitation
  • Facilitation by PMP®-certified facilitators
  • All meals
  • Assignments and exercises
  • Applicable PMI® literature
  • Access to MyProject (in danish) – the Project Manager’s virtual toolbox

After the course

  • Access to Myproject (in danish) – the Project Manager’s virtual toolbox
  • Course certificate
  • Access to subsequent participation in the PMP® examination


Practical implementation

The training consists of three modules and 49 hours of facilitation, which corresponds to seven course days (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) The modules are conducted every 1–2 months to allow time for entrenchment. You can read more about each module below:

The training is a high-speed, interactive and intensive learning programme containing a mix of presentations, discussion, casework and exchange of experience. The programme is constructed in such a way that it gives the participants an opportunity to learn “the PMI® way of thinking and the PMI® Project Management Model”.

The facilitation will be conducted in English with English material.

Module 1:

Focus on the PMI® framework and model, including a focus on the knowledge areas (see chapters in PMBOK®):

  • Framework and Processes
  • Integration Knowledge Area
  • The Scope Knowledge Area
  • The Time Knowledge Area
  • Cost Knowledge Area

Training in Exam Questions with regard to Framework, Integration, Scope, Time and Cost

Module 2:

Focus on the knowledge areas (see chapters in PMBOK®):

  • Quality Knowledge Area
  • Human Resource Knowledge Area
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Knowledge Area
  • Procurement Aera
  • Stakeholder Management

Training in Exam Questions with regard to Quality, HR, Communication, Risk, Procurement and Stakeholders

Module 3:

Exam preparation. Can be purchased as a single module if you already have a solid understanding of the PMI® theories, terms and concepts (DKK 20,500).

  • Training in answering exam questions


PMP® exam

The PMP® exam is being offered and administrated by PMI®. Before taking the exam, you must be approved by the PMI® organisation. You can do this by submitting an online application form to PMI®, documenting that you meet the requirements for taking the exam.

If your educational background corresponds to a Bachelor’s degree, you must be able to document 35 hours of training in project management and 4,500 hours of practical project management experience (corresponding to three years) within the past eight years. If you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, you must be able to document 7,500 hours of practical project management experience (corresponding to five years) within the past eight years.

You can apply for the exam directly with PMI®. See or, where you can also find a guide for this application.

Please note that you should book early to avoid disappointment.

How to prepare for the exam

Mannaz PMI® High Speed Project Management Training is constructed in such a way that, on the first two modules, you will be introduced to and trained in the entire PMI® terminology. The basis for the facilitation and the exam is a curriculum framework of two books (PMBOK® and “PMP® Exam Prep, 9. Edition Study Guide” by Rita Mulcahy), as well as some project guidelines.

Since this is a high-speed programme, we recommend preparing before the start of the course!

Regardless of how you choose to read the curriculum, it is a prerequisite that you prepare and fully understand PMI® before participating in Module 3.

Module 3 is an exam preparatory course aiming at training you for the exam through means such as test exams.

Please ensure that you plan so that you have plenty of time to read and prepare before taking the exam.



The training is carried out by Danish facilitators who are all PMP®-certified and have many years’ experience in project management.

PMI®, PMP®, and PMBOK® are registered trade marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Get a quote for a course to be conducted in your company

If several employees from your company wish to participate in the same course, you can choose a course from our broad programme and save money when the course is conducted internally in your company.

Contact Mariann Illum Vendler, or tel. +45 4517 6189.

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Retain your PMI® certification with PDU credits

In order for you to retain your PMI certification, you must earn PDU credits on an ongoing basis. PDU stands for Professional Development Unit, and these are not relevant to you until after you have passed your PMP® exam

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