Mannaz Leadership Programme

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Get a good overview, effective methods and specific leadership tools

On Mannaz’ Leadership Programme, you will draw on your experience, spar on specific everyday leadership challenges and be inspired by the latest leadership theories. During the leadership programme, you will work with leadership in practice and practise turning goals into actions while communicating them. You will strengthen your leadership role, create effective results and build a solid foundation for your leadership.

During your leadership programme, you will build an active leadership network with fellow participants.

This programme is also available in Danish


Who can participate?

This leadership programme is for individuals with a minimum of six months’ experience as a manager or with experience from a role as an informal manager. You are in need of some effective leadership tools, sparring on your leadership role and new inspiration to help strengthen you in your everyday leadership challenges.
If you are a future leader or have been a leader for a maximum of six months, read more about the course: Introduction to Leadership

Next available date: Available seats
14. nov 2019 - 2. jun 2020
10 days | 6 modules
Copenhagen area,
54.500 kr
ex. VAT
10 days  |  54.500 kr

On the course, you will work on:

  • Developing your leadership skills in a safe and challenging forum
  • New trends and effective leadership methods
  • Classic leadership tools and concrete leadership challenges
  • Values, emotional intelligence and leadership styles
  • Feedback, coaching, motivation and methods for creating followership
  • Understanding of and insight into strategic management – running a business in a changeable world
  • Strategic development processes, including communication and execution
  • Change models, pace of change and agile organisations



You will improve your skills in the following areas:

  • Being able to apply both classic and the very latest leadership methods
  • Putting your department’s efforts into a greater strategic context
  • Being able to break down general objectives into actions and communicate them
  • Leading with regard to vision and bringing about motivation
  • Leading others and creating followership
  • Motivating and engaging your staff towards joint results
  • Managing development and change processes
  • Focusing on each individual’s performance as well as the overall performance of the department


Benefits for your company

  • A leader with updated knowledge of new trends and effective leadership methods
  • A leader with specific and directly applicable leadership tools
  • A leader with a solid leadership foundation for laying down objectives, direction and creating results
  • A leader who is conscious of their own leadership role and leadership behaviour
  • A leader who can act according to the situation with regard to the group and each individual
  • A leader who can manage a change process and handle the human reactions
  • A leader who can motivate, engage and create followership
  • A leader with useful inspiration from the outside


My training through Mannaz had a very practical focus, which was a clear advantage. I was able to incorporate my work into the discussion and analysis of the strategy in the programme. That saved me a lot of time, as I received productive sparring and good advice based on specific experiences both from the facilitator and the other leaders in the group.

Søren Husted

Regional manager, AP pension 


Contact me for advice

You are always welcome to contact me for advice on which course or programme will suit your needs the best.

René Fabricius Weichel +45 4517 6140

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Time & Place
Duration 10 days
Price 54.500 kr ex. VAT
Mannaz Leadership Programme
date 14. nov 2019 - 2. jun 2020
Module 6 Modules
Accommodation No
Availability Available seats
Price 54.500 kr ex. VAT

The price includes:

Before the course

  • Leadership portrait, 1.5-hour individual dialogue with the facilitator


During the course

  • Leadership mirror
  • Individual coaching
  • 8 (4×2) days of facilitation
  • 3 network group meetings
  • 1 day of project presentation and examination
  • 1 facilitator per 7 participants
  • Log for your personal notes
  • Course material and book with relevant theories and exercises
  • Access to Mannaz’ e-learning modules
  • Access to articles and more
  • Access to online presentations and videos
  • Incorporation of own organisation
  • All meals during the course


After the course

  • Course certificate
  • Peer network


Practical learning method

Mannaz’ Leadership Programme has a practical focus and is built around five modules. The programme is based on active inclusion of elements from your current work and on the real circumstances of you and your company. All case stories, group work, exercises and assignments contain knowledge that is directly applicable to your work.

The model below outlines Mannaz’ Leadership Programme. In practice, all elements interact to create a flow of activities, assignments and insights that enable participants to work intensively with reflection, knowledge sharing, training and exchange of experience. You are expected to work with a leadership project of your choice throughout the programme, which is related to a specific task in your company. The leadership project is a major task or project that you will be working on in your organisation anyway and that you choose to devote even more attention to during your training, through theory, reflection and action. To round off the programme you will be asked to submit a minor written assignment about your leadership project, on which the facilitator will give you feedback. Furthermore, you will present your project to the other participants and receive feedback.

Mannaz Leadership Programme

Training composition and module content

Mannaz’ Leadership Programme begins with the leadership portrait, which is an individual dialogue between you and the facilitator. The portrait paints a picture of your current leadership role, your challenges and how you expect to benefit from the leadership programme. Furthermore, you will receive feedback on the MBTI Step II personality profile and your leadership project will be launched.

On Module 1 we will focus on what leadership responsibility means and what your conditions are for being a leader. We will work with the pace of change and agile organisations and we will explore how internal and external change affects working with a strategy in a changeable world and potentially impacts the success of a project.

On Module 2 we will focus on leadership and followership and discuss topics such as your values, your strengths and your challenges. You will be given some great tools to help you lay down frameworks, communicate, motivate and create followership. We will practise specific leadership challenges from your own daily leadership on this module.

On Module 3 we will turn the focus to results through others. We will be working with the leadership mirror, which, in all modesty, is the world’s best feedback process. Prior to the module, your fellow course participants will have gathered feedback from your organisation in the areas that you have defined yourself. We will use the feedback to make hypotheses about you, your role and your organisation, which can help you gain new insights, perspectives and options. Furthermore, we will work on how to lead teams, including group development and dynamics as well as group facilitation.

Module 4, Hands-on, is a two-day leadership simulator where you will be invited into a fictitious organisation with real leadership challenges. We will touch on topics such as strategy, execution, change, leading from a distance, communication, job satisfaction, HR management, etc. The module will recap the previous modules and you will have a chance to try out the theory in practice, discuss core leadership dilemmas and, most importantly, test yourself in a safe and confidential setting.

On the project day, you will hand in a minor written assignment about your leadership project, which you have worked on throughout the programme. On the day, you will present your project to the other participants and receive feedback. After the programme you will receive a certificate.

Throughout the programme, you will have access to additional knowledge through Mannaz’ e-learning modules, leadership and management literature, online presentations, etc.

Between the modules you will be meeting in the action-learning groups, where you will be solving tasks, working on your leadership projects, sparring and reflecting, which will help build relationships within your network.


Digital learning modules

You will have access to Mannaz’ digital learningg modules, current literature, online presentations, etc., which can serve as an inspiration or a supplement to Mannaz’ Leadership Programme.



The programme will include an MBTI Step II personality profile.

Get a quote for a course to be conducted in your company

If several employees from your company wish to participate in the same course, you can choose a course from our broad programme and save money when the course is conducted internally in your company.

Contact Mariann Illum Vendler, or tel. +45 4517 6189.

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