Embodied Transformation

Elevate your presence and ignite authentic influence
Duration 4 days
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25. apr - 28. apr 2024
Nykøbing Sjælland
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Leadership Development
Embodied Transformation

Future-proof your leadership and organisation

We are thrilled to introduce you to the 4-day, in-person course Embodied Transformation, a transformative journey that merges leadership principles with the power of the body and provides the foundational introduction to somatic awareness and practice. In proud collaboration with Strozzi Institute, we present a course designed to increase self-awareness, discover your conditioned tendencies, and learn tools to effectively work within your leadership of yourself or others.

The course is created in collaboration with Strozzi Institute  – the creator of embodied leadership. It’s a unique, neuroscience-based approach that integrates mindfulness, action-oriented communication, martial arts, and generative conflict training to prepare leaders, coaches, and teams to meet today’s biggest challenges. Offered in partnership with Strozzi Institute, the course brings together the best practices and latest insights in the field.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that the true potential of leadership lies in understanding and empowering ourselves and people. Each day of the course, we explore how the principles of Embodied Leadership can enhance your ability to connect, inspire, and lead yourself and others effectively.

This course can help participants navigate power dynamics and address common leadership challenges in contemporary workplaces. By reflecting on the practical and theoretical limitations and implications of the applied concepts, theories, and perspectives, people can make informed decisions about the enactment of work and leadership.

What is Embodied Transformation?

Gather with others. Practice working with the soma – the living body in its wholeness. Deepen your ability to take new action under pressure consistently.

That’s Embodied Transformation.

The programme

The course takes place over four consecutive days of practice and reflection.

This is a practice-based course. So, we’ll constantly relate theory and tools to realistic and embodied situations that you know from your everyday life. The goal is to develop people who embody the skills of authenticity, integrity, accountability and trust necessary to take skilful, courageous, and innovative action in real-time.

The facilitation takes place in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. This means you can safely make the necessary experimentation and expect positive, forthcoming feedback from the facilitator and your fellow course participants. The curriculum combines cognitive learning with guided exercises, interactive demos, and individual and partner body-based movement practice to create a comprehensive and lasting impact.


Day 1: The Body is the Domain for Learning

On the opening day, we will delve into the body as the domain of action, coordination, learning and dignity, with an introduction to somatic awareness and the intentional practices where we can expand our capacity for presence, connection, collaboration, well-being, and joy.

You’ll set your declaration as you set specific conditions for your investment over these four days. You’ll learn how to embody your commitment to galvanize others, and yourself. As you’ll discover self as your fundamental source of power.

Day 2: The 3 Circles – Core Components for Embodied Transformation

We will discover The Three Circles of Embodied Transformation, a cognitive framework to help you track and understand the many changes and transformations that will take place during the course.


You’ll receive deep attention training as you learn the ancient roots, modern neuroscientific discoveries, and health benefits of sitting, meditation, and more. We will work with how our bodies hold the sum of our histories – our adaptations, practices, resiliencies, and more.

Day 3: The Rhythm of Excitement – Conditions of Satisfaction

We will discover how to take coordinated, effective action toward a shared vision. You’ll be guided to ask questions of yourself, e.g. What is something you want to promise to say yes to? What is an offer that you need to make to fulfil your declaration? What is an even bolder offer? And more.

Your teacher will take you through a cycle of action as you experience practices to help you stand in your power for what you care about and fight for others in their power.

You’ll participate in large group coaching to help you deepen, learn, and embody transformation towards your goals.

Day 4: New Shape, New Actions, New Future

On the final day, you’ll ask yourself, what’s changing in you?

As we get clear on how to take all that we have learned out into our daily lives, we will make plenty of space for gratitude and celebration.


During this course, you will be working on:

  • Explore how your personal, community and social experiences have shaped you and learn how to deal with them.
  • Improve your skills in somatic awareness, somatic practices, and somatic opening, and understand how they relate to society, land, and Spirit.
  • Make sure your practices are aligned with the skills you need to follow your vision and declaration.
  • Learn how to set boundaries, make requests, and navigate complexity using your body.
  • Learn individual and group practices that help you stay calm under pressure, connect with others, handle conflicts, and build trust.

Participant profile

This course is for anyone who will learn how to apply principles of embodied leadership to help you develop a more powerful leadership presence where you can stay open, present, and connected under conditions of complexity and ambiguity.

  • Mission-driven leaders and professionals who work in high-performance settings and want to maximize their impact, influence, and performance.
  • Coaches and consultants who wee life both as it is, and as it could be, and are called to be a bridge between the two, in service of their clients.
  • Entrepreneurs and managers of nonprofit social organisations and civic leaders want to bring their best to the cause they serve.
  • Therapists, educators, and care partners for whom staying centred means being able to provide care and conversations more effectively.
  • Individuals on a path of personal development seeking greater clarity, focus and well-being in their lives and at work.

Why take the part in the course?

When you participate in this course, you not only acquite personal competances but also skills that can greatly benefit your company or organization.


Benefits for you

  • Discover more about yourself and learn how to work with your conditioned tendencies

  • Improve your leadership skills in meetings and while working with others

  • Improve your decision-making

  • Expand your emotional range

  • Initiate and sustain meaningful relationships

  • Increased capacity to generate and build trust and safety

  • Understand your body’s reactions and learn how to respond better

  • Create a personal goal and work towards it

  • Feel more centred in your everyday life, which can boost your self-esteem, inner peace, and motivation

  • Use your body’s natural abilities to improve your life and work

Benefits for your company

  • An authentic employee or leader that can apply the principles of Embodied Leadership to their work-life

  • An employee or leader with enhanced ability to connect, inspire and lead themselves and others effectively across the organisation

  • A more productive and motivated workforce

  • Better decision-making, and improved communication within the organisation.


If you have any inquiries or questions, please send me an e-mail and I will get back with answers.

Lotte Foged
Commercial & Product Manager
+45 4517 6235

Pete Hamill

Pete Hamill is a consultant, facilitator and coach with an international background in leadership and organisational development. He is interested in leadership and personal development, including the role that conflict plays in organisations and society. Pete works on Roffey Park’s MSc in People and Organisational Development and their Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching, as well as consulting with a range of organisations, including KPMG, BP, Barclays Bank, the Equality & Human Rights Commission, the Institute of Cancer Research, Lloyds Banking Group, AXA, Control Risks, and Virgin Atlantic. Pete is certified as a Master Somatic Coach and has completed a Certificate in Humanistic Counselling with the Gestalt Centre in London. He has also completed an MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies at the University of Surrey, where his dissertation focused on conflict. He has published a book entitled Embodied Leadership: The somatic approach to developing your leadership.

About Strozzi Institute

The Strozzi Institute was founded in 1985..

born out of the realization that leaders, coaches, and organizations needed more. They need the leadership possibilities inherent in the discourse of somatic. Their headquarter is in Oakland, California.

Their methodology combines neuroscience, holistic practice, action-oriented communication, and mindfulness.

Their vision is to help people, teams, and organizations learn to take new actions. They define transformation as the ability to take new actions, aligned with own vision and values – even under pressure.

Embodied learning involves the whole existence:

Our way of thinking, physical bodies, emotions, and how we relate to others. Through the embodied leading practice, leaders, coaches, and organizations learn to embody pragmatic wisdom, skillful action, and grounded compassion – and use conflict as a generative force.


The Somatic Coach Certification Programme

The 4-day, in-person Embodied Transformation course provides the foundational introduction to Strozzi Institute’s somatic methodology and is the required first step for Strozzi Institutes Somatic Coach Certification Program, Embodied Leadership Pathway, and Advanced courses.

Read more at The Strozzi Institute website

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