Communication and dialogue

Who exactly decides what you say?

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Learn to communicate more effectively and attentively

When you communicate well with others, you don’t think about it. However, you can always tell when it doesn’t go well. Perhaps you sometimes get frustrated that others misunderstand you when you communicate. If that is the case, it is worth remembering that it’s not what you say that decides the message – it’s what your recipient hears and sees you communicate.
On this intensive three-day course you will learn how to make your communication and dialogue work. You will practise effective communication and attentive dialogue. You will learn to communicate through ‘the right channel’ and the course will help you get much better at what you can already do – communicate.


Who takes part?

Anyone who wishes to clarify and understand their own communication. You know that your communication is not always perceived the way you want it to be, but maybe you don’t know exactly what can be improved?

You will benefit from this course, regardless of your professional background, area of responsibility or organisational position. On the course, you will meet different people with different backgrounds. This will help give you a better understanding and tolerance of others.

Next available date: Available seats
2. dec - 4. dec 2019
3 days | 1 module
Comwell, Holte
21.500 kr
ex. VAT
3 days  |  21.500 kr

On the course you will work on:

  • Communication theories
  • Training yourself in having a dialogue
  • Questioning techniques
  • Gaining a more in-depth knowledge of your communication skills



You will improve your skills in the following areas:

  • Gaining greater impact and learning to communicate so that others understand your message
  • Learning to manage a dialogue and move it in the direction you want
  • Learning to tackle resistance during a dialogue
  • Tailoring your communication to the situation
  • Gaining an insight into your own behaviour and understanding the psychological mechanisms of your communication

Benefits for your company

  • Clear external and internal communication
  • Communication that is adjusted according to the purpose
  • Better handling of difficult dialogues

Contact me for advice

You are always welcome to contact me for advice on which course or programme will suit your needs the best.

René Fabricius Weichel +45 4517 6140

Contact me
Time & Place
Duration 3 days
Price 21.500 kr ex. VAT
Communication and dialogue
Location Comwell, Holte
date 2. dec - 4. dec 2019
Module 1 Module
Accommodation Yes
Availability Available seats
Price 21.500 kr ex. VAT

The price includes:

Before the course

  • Questionnaire

During the course

  • Three days of facilitation
  • Two nights of accommodation
  • All meals
  • One facilitator
  • Course material with compendium and log for your personal notes
  • Individual training and feedback from participants and facilitators

After the course

  • Course certificate


Practical learning method

Employing a close interplay between theory and exercises, the course aims to provide the participants with a holistic understanding of everyday communication dilemmas. Afterwards, we will work on bringing theory to practice reflecting on: “How can I use the new insights at work?” We will practise various situations from your everyday life, so that you can transfer your new learning into your reality.

During the course you will work actively on developing your communication skills and your understanding of the relationship between content and process during the course of communication. You will be introduced to communication theories about daily communication and presentation.
The course is experience-oriented rather than theory intensive, because “Nothing is as practical as good theory – but it has to be lived out!” (Quote by facilitator Torben Frilund).

The course focuses on active involvement of you and the other participants. We will therefore alternate between demos, exercises, creative input, walk and talk, group work, etc. The group work will help bring about a high degree of confidentiality and intensity. You will use the group as a reflecting team where you will be doing cases and other practical training. The group will function in a supportive way and provide feedback on language, body language, tone as well as facial expressions. During the course you will receive personal coaching from the facilitator based on an issue selected by you. The coaching will take place in your group.


Previous participants particularly liked:

The personal coaching sessions with input from the facilitator

Listening to and learning from the individual coaching sessions taking place in their working groups

The exercises in various question types



Natasha Swerdloff

Natasha Swerdloff has worked with personal development for more than 20 years and has been associated with Mannaz since 1998. Natascha works from the assumption that developing yourself personally is a significant aspect in every career. She creates a safe and confidential atmosphere between the participants which provides the best conditions to understand your usual habits. Based on this, you can continue working on your behavior and learn how to use your personal skills and resources most effectively.

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