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Mannaz is dedicated to developing the capabilities of both people and organisations.

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Constant change is a given in modern organisations – from fusions and acquisitions to new management strategies and technological changes. There is no universal solution for all organisations. Mannaz can help with strategies, organisational development and change through tailor-made designs, taking into consideration the unique demands of your organisation.

A change strategy is only successful if it comes from within the organisation. In that way, there is an increased chance that the strategy will become established as part of the company’s culture and day-to-day employee behaviours. Our role is to facilitate this implementation process  to deliver a meaningful and long-lasting effect.

Mannaz can help you in setting the right strategic direction, defining a change process, executing the strategy, strengthening the administrative management, organisational change or shaping digital organisations.

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Strategy and implementation

We believe that strategies have to work in practice to create value. We focus on creating strategy-focused organisations, where the strategy is an integrated part of daily work. We facilitate strategic processes that drive participant actions and secure their commitment.

Corporate promise

A corporate promise translates the purpose of the organisation into action. Through a tailor made process we can help identify the underlying and meaningful purpose of the organisation and integrate it in management, decisions and communication. The purpose then acts as a compass for leaders and employees alike.

Culture development

In Mannaz, we create cultural transition through processes. We facilitate dialogues around the culture that underlines the desired future, and the challenges that hinder the organisation from achieving its goals. Subsequent work with leaders and employees is focused on creating cultural changes that underline the strategic goals.

Change management

Change is about changing language and patterns of thought and behaviour. The strategic focus is the starting point for the change process, but in Mannaz we believe that the people affected by change need to be involved. The leaders need to be front-runners for new ways of thinking and behaving, and engage employees through inclusive processes that create lasting change.

Organisational design

A good organisational design supports the business in achieving its goals. That sounds simple, however often organisations restructure numerous times yet still fail to create the desired value. When helping organisations to restructure we focus on the purpose, ensuring resources are organised in a fashion that supports both cooperation and desired future behaviours.

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