Sanna Wigg

Sanna Wigg

Senior Consultant


Sanna is primarily a consultant within Coaching & assessmet and Leaders & teams .


I have extensive experience in helping organizations and people transform and grow. I have held various leadership positions before transitioning into consultancy ten years ago, including many years of experience from executive management and organizational development.

My core competencies include business development, change management, culture transformation and leadership development. My understanding of business, organizational structures and processes combined with deep holistic insights in human behavior, allows me to quickly build relationships and respond to complex stakeholder needs across lines of different businesses and sectors.

Areas of competence
  • Change Management
  • Coaching
  • Conflict handling
  • Crisis Management
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Leading in complexity and uncertainty
  • Organisational development
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“I believe that unlocking an organization’s potential is like discovering a treasure chest filled with innovation, creativity, and growth, hidden within the hearts and minds of its people.”
Sanna Wigg
The potential is people