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Mannaz provides innovative business thinking to empower a company’s leaders with the capabilities to meet today’s challenges.

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People are the  most important assets of organisations. The Leaders & Talent team  know how to develop and grow talent, enable processes and create strategy which leverages performance and ultimately business results.  We focus on the competencies, processes and relationships that make management, managers and talents even more adept at achieving their goals.

Mannaz has extensive experience in design, implementation, evaluation and impact measurement of management and talent development programmes of all sizes and at all levels in both the private and public sectors.

We believe that real change takes place by building organisational capability from within and facilitating change rather than driving it. The change should not only be relevant now but also be able to serve the organisation in evolving complexities. Mannaz enables and facilitates organisations and their  employees to develop leadership competencies and take ownership over their own ongoing development.

Combining modern organisational and management principles, innovative thought leadership and proven research, we work in organisations’ real context to create transformational change. We provide the overview, clarity and expertise to enable successful leadership. We measure the tangible effects of our efforts through thorough impact assessments.

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Mannaz believes that coaching empowers individuals and teams to create a solution-oriented organisational culture. Coaching enables the navigation of organisational complexity and unlocks growth opportunities for the individual, team and organisation. Mannaz also train leaders to coach, which enables impact from the inside of organisations.


Leadership development

At Mannaz we believe that successful leadership creates results – both in terms of profit and of perceived quality of leadership by stakeholders at all levels. We enable leaders and organisations to be conscious of the context and their abilities, competent to skilfully chart a course forward and confident to lead their teams with the right purpose and direction.

Global leadership

Global leadership provides a powerful mix of talent attraction, retention and organisational engagement across diverse environments. Mannaz works with organisations and leaders to operate effectively across geographies with cultural savvy and the ability to drive results globally.

Inclusive leadership

Realising global potential takes great leadership. In Mannaz, we enable organisations and leaders to create an inclusive environment that leverages diversity as a core strength. We work with leaders to make them conscious of their context, abilities and unconscious bias.

Process facilitation

In Mannaz, we believe that process facilitation is a key performance area. We enable organisations to create better working environments where ownership and engagement are at the core. Our facilitation approach is founded in dialogue-based methods, theory and research combined with a strong focus on co-creation of better solutions.

Talent development

Developing talent is ultimately about bringing the organisation into the future. Mannaz cooperate with organisations and its leaders to uncover and develop people potential. We co-design and co-deliver talent programmes tailored to organisations’ unique context and support the creation of an attractive working environment.

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Business Development Consultant

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Tlf: +44 7725 674 914

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