Danish Police

Developing Strategy, Organisation and Leadership in the National Operative Headquarter of the Danish Police

The Company: National Operative Headquarter of the Danish Police

The National Operative Headquarter of the Danish Police has a central role in monitoring, controlling crime and supporting crime prevention in Denmark. 600 employees are organised in operative departments engaged in; investigating IT crime, forensic technical investigations, road traffic tasks, the surveillance of environments involving drugs, bikers, gangs and prostitution and international cooperation with police in other countries.


  • Crime trends, terror alertness and the refugee situation presented major control and coordination challenges.
  • New political agreements drove the operative headquarter towards a new and more managerial role.
  • Organisational initiatives were required to bring about changes in results, tasks and competences at all levels including many key positions.


  • Co-creation of a new strategy involving leaders and employees.
  • Creating strong, coherent and empowered leadership teams.
  • Developing and implementing a systematic performance leadership solution on all organisational levels.


  • A strong, common and widespread understanding of the intention, content and necessity of the new strategy – an organisation ready to change.
  • A strategy focused organisation implementing new leadership practices securing coherence from strategic intention to everyday actions at all levels.

The Challenge: Organisational alignment

The current development in crime trends, international terrorism and the complex refugee situation are a major challenge to policing. As a result of the new political agreement, setting the direction for the next four years, the national operative headquarters has a new role. A role with a clear obligation to lead, coordinate, control and support the operative policing nationally and locally, in close cooperation with the police districts.

At an early stage it was obvious that the operative headquarters needed strong leadership and committed employees with a common understanding of the purpose, the goal and the task to succeed in this transformation where many former results, task and competences were up to be discussed.


The Solution: Strategy co-creation and performance leadership implementation

Starting with the top management team Mannaz facilitated a combined strategy and leadership team development process. Involving key employees and local departments the strategic direction was translated into specific goals and daily actions in close cooperation with HR.

Key competences were mapped on all levels to make sure that all employees were capable of living the strategy.

To further enhance the strategy focused organisation, we co-developed and implemented performance leadership with quarterly dialogue sessions with all employees building on crime trend data, strategy progression and with a forward thinking and motivational focus.


The Impact: A strategy focused organisation ready to change

A united top management team now act as role models for a coherent and aligned national operational headquarters. New practices are implemented and new ways of working are a part of daily life for managers and employees.

Department teams have been responsible for local translation and bringing the organisation and employees ‘up to speed’ in delivering the strategy.

”Key competences were mapped on all levels to make sure
that all employees were capable of living the strategy.”

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