City of Copenhagen

Enhancing Leadership Capability in the City of Copenhagen

The Company: Danish capital with strong focus on growth, employment and quality of life

The City of Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, the growth accelerator in the region and the home city of around 600,000 people. The city administration is a large complex organisation with more than 45,000 employees divided into seven politically separated administrative departments. 


  • Large complex public organisation without sufficient cross functional cooperation.
  • Lack of common leadership understanding and practice.
  • Strong ambition to further grow own leadership talents.


  • Cross functional leadership talent development programmes at all organisational levels.
  • Ambitious 1 – 2 year blended learning programmes linked closely to the strategic agenda and the daily challenges.
  • Creating strong cross organisational leadership networks.


  • Strong cross functional understanding across the city.
  • 50%+ of leadership talents moved to next level within two years.
  • 700+ leaders completed the programme.

The Challenge: Building own leadership capacity

In 2008 the City of Copenhagen had a strong vision to further enhance the leadership capability of the city by growing own leadership talents in a cross functional programme.

The vision was founded in an urge to improve quality of service to citizens and companies in the city and in an ambition to develop, professionalise and prioritise high quality management and leadership competences at all levels.

Copenhagen desired a systematic approach via a high quality leadership talent development programme. Among the more specific goals were an ambition to increase diversity in leadership positions and to enhance cross functional networking, knowledge sharing and cohesion.

The Solution: Ambitious leadership talent development

The solution was a high level ambitious leadership development programme designed, managed and delivered by “Conmoto – a part of Mannaz” in close cooperation with Copenhagen Business School, Metropol University College and specific core competences from chosen consultancies.

The programmes address all major leadership topics, from strategy development to everyday leadership and management skills. They have been delivered as a blended learning solution closely connected to the daily life of the talents and with a balanced use of on-the-job-training, seminars, workshops, coaching and e-learning. To make sure we are always on top of the needs of the city and the current challenges we have redesigned the programmes several times throughout the years.

More than 700 talents on all leadership levels has participated in one of the comprehensive programmes.

The Impact: Leadership capability and strong feeling of one municipality

More than 300 seminars, 800+ network meetings, 2500+ coaching sessions have built an exceptional leadership capability in the seven administrative departments and across the city as a whole. Managers retention rates rose, strategic challenges were solved and cross functional mobility rose significantly on all leadership levels.

The programmes have through the years been delivered with an outstanding and continuous level of quality.

The programmes address all major leadership topics, from strategy development to everyday leadership and management skills - Cookies

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