Board & Executive Development

Mannaz is dedicated to developing board and executives. We strive to understand, leverage and expand the future value of boards and executives, becoming the driving force that’ll shape the future.

Mannaz can advise and develop board and executive management.  Our solutions will always focus on understanding, optimising and developing the competencies and potential of board members and top management. We thereby help the organisation’s executive management secure the future.

Boards are facing a shift of paradigm that will change how boards work. The classic role of a board is to monitor the strategic organisational progress. The modern role of a board also includes leading the organisation and creating a close and inspiring cooperation between the board and top management. To create results in the future the board needs to be able to monitor and lead.

Mannaz can advise and develop both board members, chairs of the board and members of executive management – individually or in group. We work closely with boards and executive management to understand their exact needs and desired results. We can help evaluate the board and challenge their thinking and approach through questioning. We work with the board and executive management in a tailor made process that secures long lasting results.

Signature services

Board Enablement

In line with increasing expectations of the board’s contribution to business development, the need for board development is also increasing. Mannaz works closely with boards and executives to develop the members, board tools, communication, supporting governance and cooperation between board and executive.

Board Evaluation

Boards have to be value creating and strategic partners for executive management. In addition to monitoring performance, modern boards also have to be a driving force behind the company’s future. Our board evaluation secures focus on key targets, for the board to develop and create greater value.

Board Support

Value creating boards need competent support both in terms of administrative support and in relation to staying up to date on business critical change. We develop and deliver tailor made board support in close cooperation with the board, executives and support functions.

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