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World Class Leadership

With Professor Robert N. Bontempo from Columbia Business School
2 days    |    22,900 krEnroll

Learn how to exercise optimum leadership

Senior executives are facing their greatest challenges to date when it comes to leadership and therefore need to explore new ways of attaining the necessary results for themselves and their companies.

This executive leadership program provides effective tools for identifying the strategies that provide the most value for the successful leader. You will learn to quickly identify and influence key people in an organization through your leadership, use power to create the desired organization and identify the parts of the organization that need to change in order to grow the company in the desired direction. Additionally, you will increase your personal impact by achieving an improved understanding of the way your managerial and leadership behavior needs to adapt to the organization’s current stage of development.

Executives are invited to explore how to best implement these tools when tackling their current and future leadership challenges. Active and facilitated sparring with the other executives and the professor allows for a variety of perspectives on challenges and practical solutions that participants can readily implement back in the office.

Based on recent research in organizational psychology and behavioral economics, the program also gives practical and winning solutions to senior executives' challenges with change management on both the personal and organizational levels.

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Duration: 2 days
22,900 kr ex. VAT

Who takes part?

The program exclusively addresses senior executives and board members. To ensure a high professional standard and optimum benefit, we pay attention to the composition of each class, only admitting participants that allow us to create the widest possible scope for mutual learning, and enhance opportunities for developing interesting network connections during the program.

The program is taught at MBA level, but also targets individuals who have already completed an MBA. Classes are taught in English only, and participants are therefore required to master the language and be able to participate actively in class discussions.


On the course you will work on:

  • Leadership vs. management
  • Organizational culture – What needs to be changed and how to do it?
  • The leader’s key tasks
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Different types of leadership behaviour – and the consequences
  • Change management



Benefits for you

  • Uptain an efficient upgrade of your leadership toolbox
  • Be inspired by a world class and award winning professor
  • Access to a valuable network of Nordic executives
  • Learn from practical case studies and managerial leadership exercises

Benefits for your company

  • A more skillful and inspired leader
  • With upgraded persuasion, negotiation and influencing skills
  • A leader who can inspire others around him

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2 days


22,900 kr

ex. VAT

The price includes:

During the course

  • 2 days of facilitation
  • All meals

After the course

  • Certificate of Completion


Practical learning method

The program will enable you to quickly identify and influence key individuals in an organization. You will learn to understand how to apply power to create the
desired organization as well as identify parts of the organization that need changing in order for the enterprise to grow in the desired direction.

Simultaneously, you will increase your personal impact by gaining an understanding of how your managerial behaviour can be adapted to the organization’s stages of development. All participants in the Leadership program will be challenged academically by using the program tools to deal with their current and future managerial challenges.

Also, active and facilitated sparring with other participants will provide more and different angles from which challenges and practical solutions can be executed in your company immediately after the program ends. Through a dynamic blend of plenum teaching, discussion, and group exercises, you will gain knowledge of how managerial abilities are acquired and developed.



Professor Bontempo is part of the faculty for Executive Education at the Columbia Business School, where he teaches on Columbia’s most coveted MBA and Executive MBA educational programs. Robert N. Bontempo has received several awards and distinctions for his work as teacher of Executive Leadership, among others:

  • Businessweek Magazine – “One of the top MBA professors in the US”
  • Singhvi Prize for Outstanding Leadership in the Classroom
  • Multiple award-winner from both Columbia Business School and University of Illinois

Bontempo acts as a management advisor to some of the world’s leading enterprises and organizations, such as Exxon Mobil, NASA, Deloitte, the World Bank, the UN, Russia, Bahrain, Dubai etc. He has a portfolio of publications about Executive Leadership in leading trade journals, magazines and newspapers all over the world, among them the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. Since 1997 Robert N. Bontempo has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Michael Baker Corporation, which is one of the leading consultant engineering firms in the USA with representation in 90 countries and revenue of $445.2 million in 2009.

Academic background

Professor Bontempo is a teacher at the Columbia Business School in New York, USA. The school is recognized as one of the world’s leading business schools through the ages. The University was founded in 1916 and is among the coveted Ivy League schools. Since the introduction of its Master of Business Administration program (MBA) in 1945, the Columbia Business School has continuously improved and expanded its position among the world elite. The Columbia Business School is regularly mentioned as one of the world’s best business schools.

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