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Business Strategy for Executives

Strategy Development Under Rapid Change
2 days    |    22,900 DKKEnroll

This program will teach you a straightforward and immediately applicable business strategy development process by examining globally and industry-diverse business cases.

On this program we will consider the individual business contexts comprehensively and then apply the best set of business strategy frameworks in our analysis. We will derive a set of key principles that will guide the business strategy development process of a particular case; by working on a range of different cases and repeatedly practicing techniques throughout the course, you will learn how to derive concrete insights that relate to the context in which your own enterprise competes.

Firms develop plans under great uncertainty—to be successful, the best firms have to react immediately and be able to rapidly pivot and change directions as new information is learned. However, firms need to have a concrete strategy or set of principles that guide their reactions to this new information. Leaders of high-performing firms spend their time inculcating these principles throughout their organizations, and in our analysis, we will figure out what worked, and why.

We will think of the firm’s value as the sum of a set of 8 distinct components. Some of the firm’s earnings are due to its context (industry, location, etc.), while the firm’s product/customer focus and its execution (management, operations, finance) are also critical to earnings. We will see that different frameworks focus on a different components of value and that a full set of frameworks is required to analyze the big picture.

We will apply the most established frameworks used by academics and practitioners of strategy, and show that these 8 components work together like a lens, magnifying the specific areas affected by your strategic decisions. We will explore how actions and business decisions can affect one or more components of value and discuss at length the pros and cons of manipulating each component. We will focus on constructive, concrete analysis that relates strategy directly to execution and avoid the development of a strategic plan that is based in theory and ignores implementation. You will leave the program with improved analytical reasoning skills, a thorough understanding of competitive strategy, and will be ready to apply their learnings to the day-to-day strategic management issues they encounter in their own firms. With their newfound background in competitive strategy, participants will be prepared to work through their strategic challenges in a more comprehensive, logical, and structured way.

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Duration: 2 days
22,900 DKK

Who takes part?

The program exclusively addresses senior executives and board members. To ensure a high professional standard and optimum benefit, we pay attention to the composition of each class, only admitting participants that allow us to create the widest possible scope for mutual learning, and enhance opportunities for developing interesting network connections during the program.

The program is taught at MBA level, but also targets individuals who have already completed an MBA. Classes are taught in English only, and participants are therefore required to master the language and be able to participate actively in class discussions.


On the course you will work on:

  • Industry attractiveness
  • Corporate scope
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Financial structures underpinning your strategy
  • Positional vs. idiosyncratic value
  • Organizational and management quality
  • Operations




Benefits for you

  • Acquire a framework for strategy development
  • Optimized toolbox for executing your strategy
  • New ways of evaluating your strategic choices
  • A heightened understanding of the impact strategic decisions has on the organization
  • An understanding of the different factors impacting and being impacted by your strategic decision making

Benefits for your company

  • A more skillful and inspired leader
  • With an ”upgraded” set of strategic skills
  • Who can inspire and lead the organization on new strategic projects

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2 days


22,900 DKK

The price includes:

Before the course

  • Course material through Mit Mannaz

During the course

  • 2 days of facilitation
  • All meals

After the course

  • Certificate of Completion


Practical learning method

The program focuses on 8 distinctive components defining the value of your company. As a participant, you will get an approach to strategic development that cuts across trends and professional disciplines. In order to ensure that participants are able to use the tools immediately after the program, the starting point will be case studies of current interest and participants’ own issues. The cases will create the foundation for learning and provide opportunities to discuss and spar with other participants as well as the professor.


Professor Sonia Marciano joined New York University’s Stern School of Business as a Clinical Full Professor of Management and Organizations in July 2007.

Prior to joining NYU Stern, Professor Marciano taught Strategy at Columbia Business School and was an Institute Fellow and Senior Lecturer at Harvard University's Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC), where she co-taught Microeconomics of Competitiveness with Professor Michael E. Porter.

Prior to NYU Stern, Professor Marciano was a Clinical Professor of Management and Strategy at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management for eight years, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Strategy at the University of Chicago. Professor Marciano has worked in the consulting, banking and insurance industries, and has taught executive education programs for Kellogg, NYU Stern and Wharton, as well as for various firms.

Professor Marciano has won several awards for distinction in teaching, including ’Best Professor’ at Yale, Kellogg, and NYU Stern’s Executive MBA program in 2010.

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