DevOps Tools: Docker and Kubernetes for Developers

Learn how Docker and Kubernetes work, and how you can reach maximum benefit from these new DevOps technologies
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16. jan - 17. jan 2024
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16. apr - 17. apr 2024
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DevOps Tools: Docker and Kubernetes for Developers

Get started with Docker and gain a deeper understanding of Kubernetes

Throughout this course, you will participate in several hands-on exercises designed to enable you to grow quickly from a beginner to a seasoned user. By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker.

After the course you will be able to run any pre-built image from the Docker hub, mapping data out of your containers, as well as port forwarding traffic into your running containers. Additionally, you will be able to both read and create your own Docker images, and you will be familiar with best practices on how to make effective and reusable images as well as how to deploy your custom images to Docker Hub.

Throughout the course, you will gain the ability to conduct the necessary tasks to start integrating them into your development process by orchestrating multiple containers in unison.

At the end of the course, you will receive a thorough introduction to Kubernetes, and how you deploy and scale containers in a cloud environment.

During this programme, you will be working with:

  • How to create your first Docker container
  • Building Docker images
  • How to store and retrieve Docker Images from Docker Hub or other registries
  • Building containers from images
  • Docker volumes
  • Container security
  • How to use Docker for sandboxing and testing
  • Deploying applications using Docker
  • Orchestration by Docker-compose
  • An introduction to Kubernetes concepts
  • Deploying, upgrading, and monitoring cloud-native applications on Kubernetes

Course agenda

This programme consists of 1 module course held over 2 consecutive days.

Day 1
  • “What is Docker”
  • Ecosystem
  • VM vs. Container
  • Create your first Docker container from image
  • Hello world
  • Deletion
  • Select the right base image
  • Best practices
  • Store and retrieve Docker images from Docker Hub
  • Login
  • Docker Hub
  • Docker volumes
  • Volumes on host machines
  • Best practice for dealing with volumes
  • Multistage builds
  • Container security
Day 2
  • Deploy applications with Docker
  • Orchestration by Docker-compose
  • Creating a native network
  • Intro to Orchestration
  • Kubernetes as a Docker orchestration platform
  • Introduction
  • Kubectl
  • Deployment
  • Service
  • Logs
  • Secrets
  • Volumes
  • Ingress (Nginx vs Traefik)
  • Health checks
  • Helm package manager

Participant Profile

The target audience for this course is Software developers, Architects, DevOps and Continuous Delivery practitioners.

The course is also relevant for those wanting a deeper understanding of Kubernetes.

Remember to bring a laptop with an SSH client installed.

Why take this course?

When you participate in this course, you will not only gain personal skills, but also skills that your company or organisation can greatly benefit from.

Your personal benefits

  • Running pre-built images from Docker Hub

  • Mapping data out of your containers
  • Reading and creating your own Docker images
  • Deploying your own custom images to Docker Hub
  • Introduction to Kubernetes and how to deploy and scale containers in a cloud environment

Benefits for your organisation

  • An employee who is familiar with Docker

  • Greater knowledge regarding Docker images, Docker Hub, containers and Kubernets inside the organization
  • An employee who is familiar with the “why” of Docker
  • An acquaintance with the Docker tools

Do you have any questions?

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