Test: Are you ready for project management?

Whether you are a new or an experienced project manager, you may need to add to your toolbox in order to plan, lead and manage projects – Mannaz’ Project Management Training gives you the tools you need.

If you are contemplating starting Mannaz’ Project Management Training, you can test yourself below and gain an insight into your starting point. Should you start off by taking the training’s first module, Project Management 1, or should you go straight to Project Management 2?

On Project Management 2 and Project Management 3 you are required to have some knowledge of tools and methods as well as an overview of the project working method. This knowledge corresponds to what you learn on Project Management 1. However, you can also participate if you have gained that knowledge and experience from a different context.

Test yourself and obtain a self-evaluation of your project management skills. You can use this evaluation as your point of orientation to find out if you are an expert at managing projects or if there are any gaps that you could benefit from filling by completing Project Management 1.

About the self-evaluation test

The test consists of 21 statements that you give a score of between 1 and 5, depending on how much you know about the topic of each statement. The total score will indicate whether Project Management 1 is the best starting point for you.

Score Level of insight/skill
1. I have no knowledge of the topic
2. I recall what the topic is about, but there are some gaps in my knowledge
3. I have some insight into the topic and only a few gaps in my knowledge
4. I have good insight into the topic and I have tried applying it in practice
5. I have good insight into the topic and plenty of experience of applying it in practice

Take the test:

  5 4 3 2 1
1 I know what characterises a project as opposed to a task and I know when and why a task becomes a project.
2 I know what the project triangle stands for and why it is the most important management tool for a project manager.
3 I know the purpose of working on a project plan and am able to produce one.
4 I know what a project purpose is and why it is crucial for the project to have the purpose in place. I am also familiar with methods for defining a project purpose.
5 I know and master methods for breaking down a purpose into focus areas and project objectives.
6 I know what a project objective is and I can define “smart” project objectives.
7 I know what a project’s success criteria are and how they differ from purposes and project objectives.
8 I know what a stakeholder is and I am familiar with methods for defining the stakeholders of a project.
9 I know methods for identifying the stakeholders’ opinions and how they can contribute and I am able to categorise the stakeholders so that I can handle these during the project.
10 I know how, based on the stakeholder analysis, I can create the project’s communication plan and how to apply it proactively.
11 I can identify each element of a project organisation and I know, for example, what a reference group is, when such a group exists and why.
12 I know what the steering committee’s role is, what its decision-making competences are and how to report to a steering committee.
13 I can describe what a focus area is and how the project is structured around such areas.
14 I know the definition of a milestone and I know how to systematically create a milestone plan.
15 I can conduct a risk analysis and identify as well as prioritise risks.
16 I know the difference between preventive measures and a contingency plan for risk management.
17 I can mention several estimation methods and I can describe the process by estimating using the three-point method.
18 Based on the milestone plan and the estimates, I can create a suitable resource plan and I know how to allow for differences in the competences of the people needed to work on the project.
19 I know my areas of responsibility and decision-making competences as a project manager and whom to report to as a project manager.
20 I know the difference between having the responsibility for a task and solving a task.
21 I know the DISC behavioural types. I know my own profile and I know how to work on my own behavioural profile and that of others.

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