Corporate Functions

An enduring architecture that enables a commercial edge.

Both the Learning & Development function and the Talent Development function are critical to organisations that want to be sure their key people continuously have access to the newest ideas as they work to continually improve their skills and broaden their abilities.

While some companies opt for providing leadership development as part of internal programmes, Mannaz recognizes the challenges of keeping up-to-date with contemporary trends and new ideals for key staff members. Mannaz is currently delivering over 80 different leadership, talent and personal development programmes through its education and open enrollment division—all of which can be adapted and customised to individual organisational needs. Along with its large library of customised programmes, Mannaz is always looking to create new programmes to keep up with customer demand.

Not only do these resources provide cost-effectiveness and a faster time-to-market for our customers, but they offer innovative thinking beyond the scope of a single company or industry. Plus, they can dovetail with the missions of the other, ongoing consulting projects.

Based on detailed assessments, our goal is to provide higher-quality learning and deep insights with documented impact, follow-up and coaching—whether we’re helping a company design and run a global leadership development programme or a series of intensive management courses.

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