Corporate Academies

An enduring architecture that enables a commercial edge.

An outsourced corporate academy is a cost-effective solution to ensuring high quality and up-to-date learning to an organisation’s leaders and talents. Mannaz offers a number of tailor-made options for specific skills development. These programs may be run weekly, monthly or perhaps quarterly. They start with an assessment of current skillset, then quickly follow with by a ramp up and further development.

In addition to assessment, design of programs and facilitation, Mannaz can also provide supplementary coaching, follow-up or even co-piloting with a co-leader for a period of time.

A variety of Corporate Academy programs can be run in tandem, and they may be tiered to different levels of experience within a given department. All combine flexibility with structure, as well as Mannaz experience combined with your individual needs, concerns and curriculums.

Mannaz is able to setup and run Corporate Academies in the following areas: Executive Academy, Leadership Academy, Digital Leadership Academy and Project Leadership Academy.

Contact for more information:

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