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The Mannaz Leadership Workshops

Mannaz Leadership Workshops are drawn from our established and highly rated longer programmes and are specifically designed as practical stand-alone sessions.  They each include a selection of proven tools that you can use immediately to achieve real impact in your organisation.

We can bring these workshops to your organisation or we can host you in our central London training centre.  Either way, you will experience the Mannaz way of development, which focuses on real challenges and real achievement.  


Challenging Conversations

During this session, we’ll help you to understand what’s stopping you from having ‘courageous conversations’ within your organisation. We’ll provide you with strategies to prepare for and practise challenging conversations. And, we’ll review the skills of performance feedback, ‘pushing back’ and communicating clearly with stakeholders at different levels of seniority.

Confidence & Assertiveness

The goal of this session is to explore the mind-set and beliefs that support or inhibit self confidence and assertiveness. We provide a framework to understand how and when to be assertive, as well as the opportunity to receive feedback on how to build and maintain these behaviours for greater impact.

Development Conversations

During this session, we’ll provide you with the tools to conduct effective development conversations, practise your coaching skills, and generate development plans that align both the organisation’s and your team member’s unique needs.



Organisational Savvy

The goal of this session is to raise awareness
about the role of politics in your career, to
decide how you want to ‘play’ with them, and
then to craft a savvy strategy for navigating
your organisation more successfully.

Performance Conversations

During this session, we’ll help you to develop your confidence and comfort with having performance conversations. You will benefit from the opportunity to practise these conversations with your peers – from setting clear performance objectives, to giving feedback and correcting under-performance.



Presence & Impact

The goal of this session is to provide the business case and context that underscores the importance of executive presence. We also provide you with a framework to understand the three core components of executive presence, and an opportunity to receive feedback and grow your current level of leadership presence and impact.



Presentation Skills

During this session, you’ll experience valuable opportunities to prepare for and practise real-life presentations. We’ll offer advice on how to create compelling content, plus tips on how to communicate your ideas persuasively – all with the intent that both you, and your perspective, are more likely to be remembered.


During this session, you will learn to recognise the physiological and psychological signs of stress, strategies for managing unproductive thinking, and techniques to empower your performance at work.



Coaching & Feedback

During this session, you’ll learn techniques to help add structure and clarity to feedback and coaching conversations. You will also practise these skills as well as benefit from being coached by your fellow participants

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Influencing others – or the art of getting things done!

More and more of our organisations are becoming flatter, hierarchies are crumbling and matrixes are everywhere. The ability of a manager to give instructions and to quote Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek “make it so, number one” is eroding as cultures shift and as millennials come to dominate the work…

Challenging Conversations

As leaders we know that being able to have effective challenging conversations is important and often the more senior we get, the more important these conversations become. Issues with direct reports, peers and managers come up and need to be addressed but often we choose to delay these conversation…

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