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This page explains Mannaz’ personal data policy as well as which cookies we use and what they are used for.

Personal Data Policy

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Confidentiality and respect for the individual are very important to Mannaz. We respect the concerns you may have when providing information over the internet. We have therefore devised the following Privacy Policy, which applies to all information that is collected from the website. The purpose of the policy is to protect each individual and to ensure that personal information is processed in a secure and responsible manner.

If you do not agree to our data policy, please refrain from using this website.

Anonymity and Personal Data

As a user of Mannaz’ website, your anonymity is assured.

We only record personal data in connection with registration for courses and events, subscription to email services, consultation or orders for course materials. As a registered user/client, we are able to see which content you are interested in when you visit Among other things, we use this information so that we can better present and convey relevant content and pertinent offers to you.


Consent to Receive news and Offers

By filling out a contact and purchase form, subscribing to newsletters, etc., you give your consent to Mannaz to contact you in order to provide you with a better service or send news and offers to you. You can request not to have additional information/news and offers sent to you at any time. You can unsubscribe effective from the following day.

You can unsubscribe here:


Use of Information

The information you submit to Mannaz is only used internally in Mannaz. No personal information will be sold to others/third parties.


Storage of information

All information is kept confidential and stored in our own database. The database is used to send out brochures, news emails, make telephone calls, etc. In “My Mannaz”, you can indicate which services and areas you personally wish to subscribe to. If you no longer wish to be registered in our database or do not wish to be contacted with relevant content and offers, we will respect this, and you will receive no additional material from us. In “My Mannaz” you can also close your profile.



In order to improve our website, we continuously examine how our users use the site. The statistics are only used in a summarised and anonymous format, e.g., to see which pages and browsers our users use the most.



Mannaz strives to create a secure digital environment at all times, but we cannot guarantee absolute security against the misuse of personal data. By submitting personal data through websites, you also run a risk.
However, we encourage you to take all precautions to protect your personal data while using the internet. As a minimum, you should change your password and follow standard recommendations for the creation of passwords on an ongoing basis, and always ensure that your browser is secure and updated. For more information about data security, please visit the Danish Council for Digital Security’s website..


Information About Processing of Your Personal Data

If you would like to learn more about how Mannaz processes information about you, please contact Mannaz at:

Mannaz A/S
Kogle Allé 1
2970 Hørsholm

Tel.: +45 4517 6000


Changes to Personal Data Policy

We reserve the right to change, add or remove parts of the personal data policy at any time and therefore encourage you to check the information on the website regularly to see if any changes have been made.

The latest, updated version of the website will always indicate the date on which we last updated our website.

Latest update: January 2017.


Cookie Declaration

Website owner and contact information

This website is managed and owned by:

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Cookies are important to us as they help us make our online services easier to use by monitoring how our website is used and also help us deliver the best service to you. To make it easier for you to understand how the website uses cookies, we have grouped our cookies into some easy-to-understand categories. You can see each category and each cookie in the Cookie Declaration.

The information in the Cookie Declaration (see below) is provided in an open and transparent way, so that it is easy for you to see how cookies are used to make your visit to the website better and so that you can make an informed decision about allowing their use. If you still wish to manage or remove cookies, you can do so in the settings in your web browser. Please note that it may affect the functionality of a website if you disable cookies. Many of the interactive functions offered by the website depend on cookies, and disabling or deleting cookies could prevent those functions from working or limit their capacity. Different web browsers may use different methods to handle cookies. Please follow the instructions from the web browser manufacturers below to configure your browser settings*.

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The Cookie Declaration was last updated on 25/04/2017.