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The business needs of all organisations are changing faster now than perhaps at any other period of human history. While leaders understand they must become more nimble, pro-active and even purpose-driven, responding quickly with the latest knowledge is a daunting responsibility.

At Mannaz, we’ve learned to pay close attention to our clients’ greatest needs and growing concerns. As a result, we are focused on providing insights and capabilities in these critical areas of common interest, and are developing new methods and tools that can be customized to deliver the greatest potential for success.

Within our three service lines, we are highlighting 17 themes of greatest current significance to organisations. The Mannaz approach always means enabling real achievement and facilitating real change. Customised and contextually-relevant solutions are at the heart of all of our client work, as is our ‘people-first’ ethos.

Setting Strategic Direction
Today’s business environment is often characterised as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Mannaz helps to manage these challenges by encouraging organisations and business leaders to look ahead, understand their strengths, recognize the opportunities associated with change, and develop their greatest potential.
Defining a Change Agenda
Change is one of the most challenging elements of life within an organisation. To sustain a change agenda, both the nuances of corporate culture and the patterns of human behavior should become aligned.
Leading Strategy Execution
Implementing strategy today requires a balance between inspirational leadership and understanding the complete execution process, especially as a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world underscores the need to drive fast and effective strategy execution within an organisation.
Reinforcing Executive Leadership
In a fast-changing world where politics, economics, demographics and contemporary culture are affecting business every day, the pressure is on to develop good leaders who can continually adapt and learn new skills.
Transforming Organisations
Without question, transformation takes courage and teamwork, but meaningful and sustainable transformation also requires relevant structures and an assurance the behavioral change will be long-lasting.
Shaping Digital Organisations
Operating in a digital age with new levels of transparency, global reach and 24/7 access means that even the most successful legacy organisations need to adapt to new time-frames, codes of conduct and responsibilities.
Developing Talents
Although talent is often one of an organisation’s greatest concerns, developing talents may be a more organic means to discovering new resources and keeping employee morale high.
Enabling Leaders
New leadership is the lifeblood of an organisation, particularly as companies submit to evolutionary, sustainable growth and recognize the importance of balancing both formal and informal leadership skills.
Cultivating Digital Leaders
Enlightened leadership is a strategic imperative for any contemporary organisation, but when combined with an understanding of today’s new digital opportunities, such a winning combination makes a significance difference.
Managing Continuous Change
It is not enough to experience a change agenda once. Today, learning to navigate and manage ongoing change is crucial to the successful organisation.
Enhancing Employee Experience
Everyone wants to work within an organisation that’s stimulating, easy-to-navigate and focused on growth and abilities. Creating such an environment, though, can be challenging, but its impact is unparalleled.
Future-proofing Corporate Culture
While no one can fully anticipate what lies ahead, an organization can be aware and flexible enough to ensure its adaptation to change and expansion. Enlightened leaders play an important role in shaping corporate culture when they embody the best values and beliefs of an aspirational organization.
Professionalising Project Governance 
While an organisation’s leaders make decisions regarding investment in specific projects and programmes, they can often benefit from understanding more about these projects are evaluated, governed and monitored.
Mastering Project Portfolios
While all portfolios involve a variety of benefits and risks, mastering project portfolios enables an organization to ultimately see stronger results. Plus, organisations can benefit from considering the full portfolio of projects when making broader decisions.
Executing Complex Programs
We live in an age of greater multilayered complexity; yet, it is possible to help staff members learn better methods for executing intricate programmes, particularly given the management of large-scale programmes and the toolbox required to be successful.
Leading Effective Projects
Managing effective projects today can mean the difference between superior and mediocre performance, particularly when combined with the right toolbox designed for success.
Creating Impactful Teams
Working with experts, specialists and other team members is a growing necessity in the modern workplace. Today complexities include team members in international locations, as well as people inside and outside an organisation. Yet, projects still need to be delivered cohesively and with appropriate speed.

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