Our visionary solutions have a strategic basis and achieve real results.
Mannaz is an international frontrunner in the field of competency development. We strengthen companies via the expansion of both individual and organisational skill sets in the areas of leadership and project management.
Our visionary solutions have a strategic basis and achieve real results. Below, you can view some of our most popular courses, which are available in English.

Executive Education

Columbia Executive Program
Obtain an international certificate at Columbia Business School in New York City – one of the 8 premier Ivy League schools – and become part of the elite. Learn from a number of the world's leading and most distinguished professors.

World Class Leadership
Take your leadership skills to a higher level with award-winning Professor Robert Bontempo from Columbia Business School - one of the world's premier experts on Executive Leadership, and acquire specific tools for your continued development.

Innovation and Business Development
The programme is custom-made for executive company management, and provides senior executives with innovative tools to generate competitive results for their companies.

Business Strategy for Executives
This hands-on and interactive programme will teach you a straightforward and immediately applicable strategy development process by examining global and industry-diverse business cases.

VL – Executives Changing the Game
An exclusive leadership development programme, challenging your part in creating success through three perspectives: managing, leading and personal. Balancing these three perspectives effectively is crucial for the impact you have on your organisation and its people.

Strategy, Growth and Leadership
Challenge yourself, become stronger and create even better results. Focus on your organisation, your leadership role and your personal development to achieve increased performance, business growth and personal resilience.

Leadership Education

Mannaz Leadership Education
Strengthen the necessary skills to successfully fill a leadership role. You will develop your leadership competencies, receive sparring on your leadership challenges and gain greater self-insight. You will be inspired by the latest leadership theories, new trends and concrete leadership tools.

Introduction to Leadership
Gain insight into the challenges and responsibilities that come with a new leadership role whilst strengthening your qualifications.

Leading Without Formal Authority
Extend awareness of your role as an informal leader. Gain inspiration and tools to help carry out your role and build your confidence to influence others, enabling you to achieve the desired results . 

Project Leadership

Project Management 1
Project Management 1 provides you with a holistic understanding of the basic methods and tools applied within project work.

Project Management 2
A good start determines your success. Learn to engage your project participants right from the beginning and ensure quality throughout the project management process.

Project Management 3
Learn how to navigate a project under changing conditions with focus on progress, results and successful completion.

Project Management 4
Focus on management behaviors as project manager. Uncover your development potential, so it is you who lead the way. You develop your own personalized action plan.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner
With the PRINCE2® methodology, you will increase the success rate of your projects. Learn to plan, manage and deliver projects based on best practice. Earn your PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certification.
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