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Mannaz is dedicated to developing the capabilities of both people and organisations.
How does an organisation unlock its full business potential? The answer begins and ends with empowering people. Mannaz is dedicated to developing the capabilities of both people and organisations. We work to understand, leverage and expand the existing strengths and abilities of individuals and their companies, so together they become a driving force in shaping the future.

Change takes many forms in business today-- from mergers and acquisitions to new management strategies, from tech advances to the disruption of legacy models. Yet, every organisation is different. ’Off-the-shelf’ strategies don’t work, and there is no single ’best practice’ solution for an individual company. As a result, two words define the Mannaz ethos: customised and collaborative.

We work closely with our customers to understand exactly what they need before co-creating a strategy to ensure success. And it always starts with a conversation. After all, no one knows an organisation better than the employees themselves. We ask, we listen, we challenge, we analyse, we plan, and then we act—with you.

Any transformational strategy is only successful when it starts within an organization, so it can easily become part of a unique corporate culture and each employee’s everyday behaviour. Our role is to facilitate this process and enable it to take root, so it has meaningful and lasting impact.

Whether it involves setting strategic direction, defining a change agenda, leading strategy execution, reinforcing executive leadership, transforming organizations or shaping digital organizations, Mannaz enables you to take complete ownership of the process, while maintaining your much-valued employees.

The real-world experiences and diverse expertise of our Mannaz staff is a critical factor in establishing collaborative partnerships with our clients. Real people enabling real achievement is more than a mantra; it’s what we are committed to doing every day.

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