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At Mannaz, we understand the complexities of project-based assignments and know that mastering project portfolios is central to your overall business success. Our goal is to help you derive sufficient value from the investments in all of your projects, so they deliver in accordance with established goals and approval requirements. In fact, we’ve found that those organisations focused on promoting, building, and recognising project leadership as a core organisational competency actually gain significant competitive advantage.

The Mannaz approach to project governance means enabling real achievement and facilitating real change. Customised and contextually-relevant solutions are at the heart of all of our client work—whether it involves professionalising project governance, mastering the project portfolios, executing complex programs, leading effective projects or creating impactful teams.

Designing and developing strategy execution capabilities requires people with expertise-- not only in strategy execution, but also within specific industry contexts. We know that every business circumstance is truly unique, and there are no ‘best practice’ solutions to neatly solving today’s multifaceted situations.

Mannaz provides innovative business thinking to empower organisations and their people with the capabilities to meet today’s challenges. By stimulating change within the organisation, newly-inspired leaders can encourage all employees to work together to help a company reach its full potential and feel empowered in the process.

With a “people-first” emphasis, Mannaz offers three interconnected resources for creative business solutions: strategic consulting, leadership education and process outsourcing. The goal of each is to develop greater human potential so organisations can overcome challenges today and develop opportunities for tomorrow. No other consultancy takes this three-tiered approach or focuses its commitment to ensure that your people are indeed your greatest assets.

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