We provide a full range of consulting services related to organisational development, leadership development, talent development and change management. By enabling people and facilitating change our clients become the driving force in shaping their own tomorrow. 

Boards & Executives

Mannaz is dedicated to developing board and executives. We strive to understand, leverage and expand the future value of boards and executives, becoming the driving force that’ll shape the future.

Leaders & Talents

When people work passionately towards a common purpose, are motivated and engaged, and exemplify the values of an organisation, they create an extraordinary competitive advantage. Good leaders and dedicated talent help to make this possible.

Strategy, Organisation & Change

Mannaz is dedicated to developing the capabilities of both people and organizations. We work to understand, leverage and expand the existing strengths and abilities of individuals and their companies, so together they become a driving force in shaping the future.  

Programmes & Projects

The Mannaz approach to programs and projects means enabling real achievement and facilitating real change. Customised and contextually-relevant solutions are at the heart of all of our client work—whether it involves professionalising project governance, mastering the project portfolios, executing complex programs, leading effective projects or creating impactful teams.

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We are dedicated to developing the capabilities of people and organisations. Meet our clients and learn about their successes.


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