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Technology can be a competitive edge…

…but only if executives are equipped to unlock its full potential. New technologies will change every part of our businesses and make it possible to reach new heights – if we figure out how to leverage it in our context. To survive and thrive, top management levels must be knowledgeable about both tech trends and […]

Our People: Anna Rosdahl

Learn more about Anna Rosdahl, Senior Consultant in Mannaz. Background: I have a background in sales, marketing and executive recruitment. And 15 of years of experience working with leadership development, designing change & development processes, and coaching executives and management teams. What do you do in Mannaz? I develop leaders, teams and facilitate change in […]

Our People: Anette Forsner-Hansen

Learn more about Anette Forsner-Hansen, Client Director in Mannaz. Background: I have a background in Political Science and an MBA. I really appreciate putting my skills to use working with clients from both the public and private sectors. What do you do in Mannaz? I work closely with managers and executives with a special emphasis […]

Our People: Kasper Arentoft

Learn more about Kasper Arentoft, Market Director and Key Account Manager in Mannaz. Background: I have been working with leadership, organisational development and personal growth for close to 20 years now – as an entrepreneur, team leader/head of studies at the Kaospilot University and as a senior consultant. I consider myself an extrovert, curious, a […]

Our People: Paul Blackhurst

Learn more about Paul Blackhurst, Client Director in Mannaz. Background: I was an Engineer and a Marketing Manager before entering the world of Leadership Development.  I like to think that means I have a commercial, return on investment view of the client work that we do.  I have delivered programmes in 45 countries and I […]

Our People: Morten Tamstorf

Learn more about Morten Tamstorf, SVP, Consulting Denmark in Mannaz. Background: I have extensive experience within the fields of strategy, leadership and organisational development. I have worked with leaders and leadership teams on all organisational levels and in many of Denmark’s largest companies in both the private and public sector. What do you do in […]

Our People: Jesper Jørvad

Learn more about Jesper Jørvad, Market Director in Mannaz. Background: As a business psychologist with management experience and more than 10 years of consulting experience, I help organisations and individuals move complex situations forward. In my daily work on projects, I often find myself balancing between the curious and facilitating consultant role and the directive […]

Our People: Stuart Schofield

Learn more about Stuart Schofield, Client Director in Mannaz. Background: A chartered occupational psychologist with a passion for designing and facilitating great learning experiences. I live in London with my wife, two young daughters and an ever-growing collection of ‘Frozen’ merchandize! What do you do in Mannaz? I am a client director working out of […]

Leadership isn’t child’s play…but it could be!

By Stuart Schofield, Client Director in Mannaz Keywords: Leadership, Creativity, Imagination On occasion, I get to do fun and playful work with some very fun and playful people. Some years ago I got to partner with a leadership team who were desperate to inject some creativity in to their strategic planning processes and we were […]

Our People: Berit Kristine Bøggild

Learn more about Berit Kristine Bøggild, Client Director in Mannaz. Background: I have a business school background and I specialise in designing and facilitating innovation, organisational change and leadership development processes. I design processes that involve key people collaborating across hierarchical levels, functions, regions – and sometimes sectors – to create results. I enjoy working […]