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From a good to a great leader – a question of EQ?

By Joakim Eriksson, consultant and facilitator at Mannaz. Your own professional competences are often your ticket to management, but your ability to create results through understanding others is what takes you to another level. When you develop your leadership skills, it makes sense to look into how you can develop your EQ. Read on to […]

Board work of the future – the recipe for success

By Ricci Carlsson, Vice President, Boards & Executives, Mannaz. Boards of directors are facing a paradigm shift, which will change board work and the requirements of you as a board member. Read below and learn how to keep up with the times and develop your board of directors now and in the future. Board work […]

Is your project management ready for the future?

By Jan Pries-Heje, professor at Roskilde University and external facilitator at Mannaz. Are you considering applying agile project management? Or are you already doing so? Read more and get an IT professor’s perspective on the method’s opportunities, potential and limitations. Is your project management ready for the future? Agile project management is gaining a serious […]

Technology can be a competitive edge…

…but only if executives are equipped to unlock its full potential. New technologies will change every part of our businesses and make it possible to reach new heights – if we figure out how to leverage it in our context. To survive and thrive, top management levels must be knowledgeable about both tech trends and […]

New partnership with Workz – an award-winning simulation game agency

Mannaz is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Workz, and will now be able to offer two of their award-winning leadership simulations to our international clients: Wallbreakers™: Change Leadership of teams. Bridgebuilders™: Global Leadership across cultures and distance. Workz is a Copenhagen-based change agency. They specalise in change management, leadership development, […]

Our People: Bjarne Stark

Learn more about Bjarne Stark, Manager/facilitator in Mannaz. Background: I believe in people, that people will give their best to the community, workplace etc. if they’re given the right opportunities. What do you do in Mannaz? I facilitate change in organisations, teach and train processconsultants, and motivate our team of facilitators, to continually explore new […]

Our People: Anna Rosdahl

Learn more about Anna Rosdahl, Senior Consultant in Mannaz. Background: I have a background in sales, marketing and executive recruitment. And 15 of years of experience working with leadership development, designing change & development processes, and coaching executives and management teams. What do you do in Mannaz? I develop leaders, teams and facilitate change in […]

Our People: Anette Forsner-Hansen

Learn more about Anette Forsner-Hansen, Client Director in Mannaz. Background: I have a background in Political Science and an MBA. I really appreciate putting my skills to use working with clients from both the public and private sectors. What do you do in Mannaz? I work closely with managers and executives with a special emphasis […]

Our People: Kasper Arentoft

Learn more about Kasper Arentoft, Market Director and Key Account Manager in Mannaz. Background: I have been working with leadership, organisational development and personal growth for close to 20 years now – as an entrepreneur, team leader/head of studies at the Kaospilot University and as a senior consultant. I consider myself an extrovert, curious, a […]

Our People: Paul Blackhurst

Learn more about Paul Blackhurst, Client Director in Mannaz. Background: I was an Engineer and a Marketing Manager before entering the world of Leadership Development.  I like to think that means I have a commercial, return on investment view of the client work that we do.  I have delivered programmes in 45 countries and I […]