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Helping companies solve issues from within its own ranks. 
A "people-first" emphasis
Mannaz provides innovative business thinking to empower leaders with the capabilities required to meet today’s challenges. By stimulating change within an organisation, newly-inspired leaders can encourage all employees to work together to help an organization reach its full potential. With a “people-first” emphasis, Mannaz offers three interconnected resources for creative business solutions: consulting, process outsourcing and leadership education. The goal of each is to develop greater human potential so business leaders can overcome challenges today and develop opportunities for tomorrow.

No other organisation takes this three-tiered approach. By helping companies solve issues from within its own ranks, Mannaz also maintains the stability of greatly-valued personnel. With roots in Scandinavia, but with global reach and understanding, the Mannaz model for success is network-oriented. It promotes the development of people by building, empowering and trusting their confidence and abilities through delegation.

Scandinavian leadership principles have become a hallmark of progressive management thinking worldwide. Open and collaborative, it has repeatedly proven that people achieve more when they feel valued, engaged and motivated. The meaning of the word Mannaz highlights our people-centric ethos. It is both Old Norse for “human being” and the name of the ancient Nordic rune letter that symbolizes “people.” Not only does the English word “man” originate from Mannaz, but it is one of the oldest and most authentic renderings for the notion of human. The Mannaz logo is intentionally handwritten to underscore the focal point of our business – the unique human being. 
"The goal of each is to develop great human potential so business leaders can overcome challenges today and develop opportunities for tomorrow"

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